Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need to be at a certain fitness level before starting CrossFit?

No!  The best thing about CrossFit is that it is scalable to all levels.  Each of our classes is structured so that you can perform the Workout of the Day, or “WOD”, no matter what your fitness level.  A coach can assist you in finding the right scaling options for you each workout. The truth of the matter is some people come to us at an already high athletic level and some people are starting from scratch and have to work a little harder in the beginning. There will always be natural athletes out there but true inspiration are the people that find the athletes in themselves that they never knew existed.

I’ve heard that CrossFit can be pretty intense.  Will coaches be yelling at me?

Absolutely not.  CrossFit can be as intense as you make it.  Coaches are there to guarantee you perform all movements correctly and safely, as well as encourage and motivate you.  We care a great deal about our members and strive for a comfortable and fun atmosphere at all times.

 I don’t want to get hurt. Is CrossFit safe?

At Bat City safety is of the utmost importance. We stress technique so that you can gain consistency. Once you gain that technical consistency then you can add intensity. Doing movements that you are not proficient at heavy and fast is never a good idea. Depending on your fitness level, we will ramp you up at a speed that fits your ability and comfort level. Coaches will help you pick and scale your weights and movements appropriately. We will never make you do anything that you’re uncomfortable doing.

What does a typical class consist of?

Each class typically lasts between 45 minutes to an hour.  It’s always recommended that you show up a few minutes early to do basic stretching and mobility work prior to your workout.  The class will always start with an active warm-up.  We will then either focus on a strength or skill exercises, followed by the Workout Of the Day, or “WOD”.  Our WODs will always be posted the night before on this website on the home page under Recent Posts.

Maybe I’m too old for CrossFit?

No. We have athletes from 15-65 years old and we all workout together. Older people need weight bearing exercises just as much if not more than young people. Weight bearing exercises increases bone density as well as give you a whole slew of other health benefits. The later you start in life the harder it will be start but you have to start. It’s more than just getting a workout. It gives you confidence, it makes you feel young, it gives you energy.


Do I need any equipment?

Nope.  When you come to class, be sure to always wear athletic clothes that allow full range of movement.  We typically suggest “minimalist” shoes with a flatter sole.  It is also recommended, but not required, that you buy a “speed” rope.  This is a jump rope used in class for days that we do double-unders.  Having your own will allow you to be immediately ready with a rope that is already adjusted to your height, as opposed to scrambling for the best fit out of the ones we have.

Is there a specific diet I have to follow?

Diet is an incredibly important aspect of your fitness.  Without proper nutrition, you will not be able to recover and perform as well.  For those interested in losing weight, this is also a key factor.  As a general rule, we suggest following some version of the Paleo diet or the Zone diet or a combination of both.  Feel free to read about the diet on your own, but your coach or another member of our staff can answer your nutrition questions as needed.

 Should I take any supplements? How about protein drinks? How about energy drinks?

Always check with your doctor if you are unsure about any lifestyle changes. If you are trying to lose weight, chances are you don’t need to supplement your diet with protein drinks. Using protein drinks or similar supplements as a partial meal replacement is fine but you might find that losing the act of chewing won’t do well to satisfy you hunger pangs. If you are trying to add muscle but have a hard time taking in the calories, then using supplements is definitely something you can do.