Lock down these prices for as long as you are a member! Never sign a contract! (cancellations require 7 days notice before your billing cycle)

CrossFit 3x a week $120  Mix and match any three classes a week. It does not have to be the same every week.

CrossFit Unlimited $150

If you have CrossFit experience, do not need fundamentals, and would like to try a class, you can drop in for the normal $15 drop in fee. If you decide you want to become an official member, that $15 will go into your first month’s fee. To prepay for drop ins go to our online store. and sign the online waiver

New Members 2 Month Special $200 for two months of unlimited CrossFit (normally $150 a month for unlimited.) $200 is paid up front. After the 2 months, your membership ship will automatically renew at $120 a month for 3x a week (You can upgrade to $150 for unlimited if you choose.) Cancellation requires 7 day notice. If you are new to CrossFit, you must take a fundamentals class before you start (included). They are generally held at 11 am on Saturdays or 9 am on Sunday. If you have CrossFit experience, you do not need to take fundamentals. To sign up go to our online store and then sign the online waiver After you purchase this package please email to schedule your fundamentals if you have no CrossFit experience. If you do have CrossFit experience please also email us so that we can make sure everything is ready for you to start.

Early Bird Special! $75 a month for 3 months (you will be charged $75 a month each month for 3 months. $225 total over 3 months.) if you attend only 5:15 am, 6 am, and 7 am classes. Your membership will renew automatically to $120 after the 3 months is up for 3x a week CrossFit. At that time you are free to attend any class. Fundamentals comes with this special if you do not have CrossFit experience. Please email to set up an appointment. Purchase at the online store: online store and sign the online waiver

Drop ins: $15

To prepay for drop ins go to our online store. and sign the online waiver

If you are dropping in please make sure to prepay your drop in fee and completely your online waiver BEFORE you show up to the gym. You do not have to sign up for a specific class. You can just show up and introduce yourself to the coach.

Special Fundamentals package for new members! Fundamentals + 1 month of Unlimited CrossFit for $100. (packages will auto renew at $120 a month (for 3x a week) at the end of the special. Cancel any time 7 days before your renew date.) Sign up at the online store.

Questions? Ready to sign up? Email us with the class time you would like to enroll in


At Bat City CrossFit we want to reward you for making fitness a priority.You can earn a free month of CrossFit or free merch when you hit attendance milestones.

6 workouts= 1 bccf koozie

15 workouts= 1 bccf water bottle

21 workouts= 1 bccf t-shirt

40 workouts = sunglasses

60 workouts = ball cap

80 workouts = tote bag

future swag tbd as we get them produced.

* rewards subject to change.

For every 100 classes you go to we will give you one free month of CrossFit! And your picture goes on the wall of fame.

( If you were a member before 10/5/2016 you are not eligible for a free month but we will honor the previous epic milestone reward program.)

NO CONTRACTS. Cancellations require 7 days notice before the beginning of your cycle.