Linda S

Growing up, I was always really active: sports and dance classes, softball, basketball, ballet, tumbling, cheerleading, and even step aerobics with my mom back in the mid-late 80’s . Workout routines and sports have always been a part of my life all the way through high school, and CrossFit was sort of a natural progression from my love of being active.

My journey into CrossFit started back in early summer of 2007, when I was a fitness instructor and a Krav Maga Self Defense instructor in training. I had been introduced to CrossFit by my boss [the owner of the Krav Maga Training Center I worked for], but had never attempted a CrossFit WOD on my own until I met the owners of a local box. Coaches Jeremy Thiel and Mike Gregory had us do Helen, and despite having lost nearly 60lbs and really thinking I was in great shape, those pull-ups and KB swings were completely foreign to me. I was in shock! Krav Maga really prepared me with tons of body weight and endurance workouts while training in MMA classes, and I did do some weight training at my local globo gym, but after the reality of Helen hit me, I realized that I wasn’t nearly in the shape I had thought, and was excited about this new brand of fitness and what it might be able to offer me and the clients I trained. Soon after that first WOD, I went and got my Level 1 Certification and joined a local box where I trained from 2008-2013.

Participating in local CrossFit events and competitions quickly became a passion of mine, and I loved pushing myself out of my comfort zone and competing solo and with a team in order to work on my weaknesses and really gauge where my fitness level stood in comparison to some of the other women in the area. The Fittest Games in 2009 was my first official competition, and my top 10 finish in my division made me eligible to compete in the 2009 Regionals “Hell’s Half Acres” in Ft Worth, TX. Although I was so excited to make it to Ft. Worth, that first competition was a huge eye opener for me: I realized I had a lot of growing up to do in this sport! Soon afterwards, I signed up for and competed in as many local competitions that I could: Sectionals on Camp Mabry, a few Fight Gone Bad competitions, and repeated the 2010 Fittest Games. Additionally, I started signing up for a few women’s challenges at CrossFit Central, and in 2009 [and in my first team RX competition] we took 3rd in The Women’s Challenge, repeating a 3rd place finish again in 2011. Competing soon became my own test: I personally wanted to put myself out there and test not only myself, but how my fitness level ranked against other women/people in the local area. Competing has and continues to teach me a great deal about myself and where/what I need to work on.
To date, the biggest competition I’ve had is when I found out I was pregnant shortly after I got married in November 2011. This was a huge first for me, and I was yet not sure how I was going to approach this new experience, but the by grace and blessing of the community I had surrounded myself with, I kept CrossFitting [with my doctors’ blessing!] up until 1 week before I had my son. I was involved in CrossFit Central’s PregoFit which was a mini video and article documentary of woman working out while pregnant, and I even did a fun competition where I teamed up with and equally pregnant Lisa Thiel [we were about a month or so apart!] at Ultra Palooza . I surrounded myself with a community that embraced being fit throughout pregnancy and helped guide and encourage me though this new path.
Now, coming back into coaching after taking sometime off, I want to share my experiences and help our athletes achieve their fitness and nutrition goals. I love helping people of any age, fitness level, or experience become better versions of themselves and “get comfortable being uncomfortable.” I thrive on seeing people progress and love to see that look in their face when they achieved something that they physically and mentally didn’t think they could do. I am passionate about teaching not only my son, but all of our athletes, about the importance of living active, healthy lifestyles and living each day with passion, purpose, and a love for what you do each day.

Crossfit Level 1 Certified

Crossfit Strongman Certified

Crossfit Level 1 Kettlebell Certified