One way to describe CrossFit is that it takes key elements from different disciplines like Olympic Weightlifting, Powerlifting, Gymnastics, and Strongmen and puts them together to create a well rounded athlete. A well rounded athlete can not only handle what sports like CrossFit throws at them, but they are able to better navigate through life. We teach functional movements using compound muscle groups. This means we teach movements that are realistic to life that use your whole body. We are not body builders that focus on the aesthetics of single muscle groups. We want you to get strong, to increase your bone density, to increase your agility, and to enjoy a better quality of life that comes with being an athlete. You do not have to be a professional athlete to be an athlete. Everyone has an athlete in them. You were given this potential from the day you were born. What will you do with it?

Your first thought might be, I’m not athletic enough or I’m not strong enough or I’m not young enough. EVERYTHING is hard before it is easy. If you’re cooking a dish for the first time, it’s hard before it’s easy. If you’re learning how to do a new task at work for the first time, it’s HARD BEFORE IT IS EASY. So to will CrossFit be. But if you put in the work, if you put in the time, if you dedicate yourself and if you believe in yourself, you will find that you have strength and ability that you never knew you had. Let us help you begin that journey.